Go the F**k to Sleep - read by Samuel L. Jackson

Audio book read by Samuel L. Jackson of the children's book Go the F**k to Sleep, by Adam Mansbach, with illustrations by Ricardo Cortés. Enjoy.


Drive Thru Floating Money

Learn Magic at http://www.penguinmagic.com

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Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/Magic-of-Rahat

Special thanks: Andrew Patchan


3D Projection Mapping: 10 Jaw-Dropping Examples

Generating extra buzz around marketing campaigns worldwide is 3D projection mapping, a relatively new technology that animates stationary objects with 3D video. With added sound effects and music, the result is a remarkable and immersive experience.



SOS Fauna: Elevator

Advertising Agency: Media Contacts / Havas Digital, Brazil
Creative: Felipe Cirino
Art Director: Neto Nogawa
Creative Director: Luis R. Constantino
Account Manager: Andre Felix
Planner: André Furtado, Allan Alves
Procution Company: Fulano Filmes
Film Director: João Papa
Producer: Ana Rodrigues
Editor: Flávio Eidi
Photographer: André Dip
Sound designer: Cabaret


The Power Play Continues

This is so simple. Continuance is a set of batteries with a USB interface on the side. The batteries are rechargeable plus dole out some juice to stranded gadgets that are starved of power. Handy, compact and a totally do-able concept! Kudos!

In The Land Of The Northern Lights


A look at some car companies logos design evolution

The evolution of big companies logos is always interesting, and I found car companies logo designs to be among the most interesting to inspect. One of my favorite aspect of these is to see how logos are handled when two or more brands are merging (see Audi, Mercedes-Benz or Mitsubishi).


Building your design business: product

Bernadette Jiwa continues her three-part series on ‘Building your design business’.

Selling design is very different from selling tall skinny lattés, boxes of cereal, or tubes of toothpaste, unless you own a logo warehouse that is. Great design is not a mere commodity and this is what makes differentiating your product a challenge at times. As a designer would you want it any other way?



Coyote Falls is a short 3D animated Looney Tunes series featuring Wile E. Coyoteand Road Runner.


Get Back In Your Book

Get Back In Your Book” by Lissy Laricchia, is series of photos where different fairy tale characters getting sucked into their respective titles.



Collected & edited by Hans Aarsman, Claudie de Cleen, Julian Germain, Erik Kessels, Hans van der Meer.

Special guest: Adriaan van der Ploeg


E.T.A. by JUNK

Marvin has the most boring job in the universe - but all is not as it seems...



Design and Direction :weareom: - weareom.com
Lighting by David Lee - davidleedop.com
Production by studioset - studioset.tv
Post Production by :weareom: - weareom.com
Sound by Alin Flaidar - studioset.tv
Starring Vlad Grigorescu - vladgrigorescu.com

PHOTO'S flickr.com/​photos/​43038809@N02/​

Making of - vimeo.com/​6858264

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The Noun Project

Recently I stumbled across this wonderful page that wants to make symbols easily available to those who may have use for it, I think that's fantastic!
as they say "The symbols on this site are and always will remain free. We believe symbols can not be effectively shared with the world if they are not free."



"Honningbarna" or Honey kids as it literally means is a band that is doing very well in Norway for the time. The guys in the band are good friends of mine, and in that context I thought it would be nice to share some of the great punk music the guys have managed to create.

btw, I do graphics for the band and is very eager to work with more bands.

Simple tools that can suddenly become practical

Here I have compiled some simple tools I've gotten great use in my profession as agraphic designer. This means that not only can be used by designers, but otherswho need to send files that are too large for e-mail systems, or for those who willneed help to produce a magazine they've made ​​in a reasonable manner. There areof course several simple solutions to small problems you did not know wereproblems, so in the future I'll try to find more simple solutions, but these are the toolsI would recommend for the time being. If you know of other practical solutions, I urgeyou to tell about it in the comments section and attach a link. 



blublu is one of my favorite street art and graffiti, if one can call it graffiti. He makes"simple" illustrations, both huge and tiny.
Here is a stop motion film he has made​​, and there are films like this that really set my eyes out for this amazing artist.
Checked his website here and enjoy the movie. =)

I love dubstep, this is one of my favorites

Skrillex from Edward Howey on Vimeo.

Skrillex Live @ The Mid February 11th, 2011
Edited by: Edward Howey
Filmed by: Ryan Padgett, Matthew Fultz


Great inspiration comes from many places

You can find great inspiration from many places, today I found a website with lots of nice colors and I like colors very much. The website I found is called "MWM graphics" and you can click here to see it, too. I'll post some of the pictures from the front so you get a smallsample to chew on before you jump into the big Internet

You Know You’re A Graphic Designer When…

You have bags under your eyes so big you’d have to check them in at Heathrow Airport
You watch the superbowl just for the commercials
You can spot bad typography from 100 yds away
You are pro-facebook because 95% of the myspace accounts burn your retinas
You can name more than 200 fonts in under five minutes
You are completely immune to subliminal advertising
You look upon a well-designed project with either:
sympathy OR extreme jealousy
Your hand is permanently stuck in the shape of a mouse
You tell stories of exacto-knife inflicted wounds with grizzled sort of pride
You practically take caffeine intravenously
You have an appreciation for everything unique
You’ve been spending three days non-stop on a project and it still looks like shit. You find yourself overcome by Deathlust.
“You find your pulse increase at the sight of a lovely ligature, glasses steam up when an unusually elegant arm, leg, or tail comes in view, and a well-kerned paragraph is apt to make you break into a sweat with excitement.”
“You know you’re a Graphic Designer when… you buy a CD or DVD for the artwork, even if you have no idea what the actual music or film is like”.
(even worse, you don’t actually watch or listen to it, just stare at it for hours and hug it in adoration)
“You know you’re a Graphic Designer when… you look at the clock and see it’s about midnight and think ‘I’ll go to bed now’… and you actually go to bed about 2-3am”.
“You know you’re a Graphic Designer when… you need someone else to point out that you’re sitting in a room in front of the computer with all the lights off, and haven’t noticed”
“…when you know what “kerning” is and you really, really like it.”
“… when you wear two [ke] [rn] pins on your bag, and only you know what the mean. To others its probably a band of sorts..”
Forget the boy-wonder and the man of steel; your heroes have names like ‘Tibor Kalman’, ‘Stefan Sagmeister’, ‘Paul Rand’, and ‘Paula Scher’.
You don’t wear black to look cool, you wear it to hide the gauche.
You have a thing for chairs. You don’t know why.
You giggle whenever you use the colors F0CCED, EFF0FF and 44DDDD
You’re in the sun and you look around for a Drop Shadow to sit under.
You give your relatives a lecture about color spaces and profiles when you email them your vacation photos.
Seeing someone use Lens Flare or Comic Sans adversely affects your blood-pressure
You maintain a grid system for your refrigerator magnets.
You organize your CD collection according to the Pantone chart.
You sit at work for eight hours straight just looking at your monitor, waiting for a spark of inspiration that doesn’t come.
You’re up ’til 5am because you came up with the best idea ever while brushing your teeth.
The hottest dream you ever had was “Trace contour… Find Edges… Pinch… Extrude… Smudge Stick… Motion Blur…. Sprayed Strokes…”
You know Lorem Ipsum by heart.
Your kid knows Lorem Ipsum by heart.
The preschool teacher complains your child won’t color inside or outside the lines – only indicate colors on a separate sheet.
Activating your entire font collection makes your computer crash
You deliberately butcher your perfectly cross browser compatible site in IE by placing a “Too Cool for IE” banner on it.
You prefer a Layer Style of 50% Opacity (or less) on your wife’s Satin.
You spend $200 on a font for your personal website because “it’s the only one where the lower-case g is just right…”
Looking at a menu make you go “hmmm, ITC Baskerville italic” rather than “mmmm, lunch!”
And when you finally order, you go for Layer Based Slices with Grain Texture…
You use words about fonts you dislike that other normal people reserve for fascist dictators and serial killers.
Apple+Z is the first thing that goes through your mind if you drop and break something.
You refer to colleagues as Strict, Transitional, Loose and the Future Unemployed.
You refer to your privates as “the Magic Wand”.
You know that rivers are more than just water.
Your best friends are all employees at the local print shop
The only people who seem to know what you do for a living are other Graphic Designers (ex: Graphic Design? What’s that? You’ll never be able to make a living being an
Kerning and leading on your shopping list actually matters to you, and you don’t see a problem with that.
Several South American economies suffer noticeably any time you try to give up coffee, or even cut your consumption of it by half.
You know that “bleeding” doesn’t hurt.
when your significant other/ friends have threatened to never speak to you again if you point out one more font to them.
when you know the difference between fuchsia, magenta, and maroon.
If you could go back in time you wouldn’t go back to see the rise and fall of civilizations, you’d go back in time to destroy comic sans and papyrus.
You can understand everything on this list.

Quants - The Alchemists of Wall St.

Quants - The Alchemists of Wall St. from Steffen K on Vimeo.

During the module "Motion graphics and branding" at Hyper Island, Onesize proposed a one week project for us. While learning Cinema 4D we were working on a leader for the documetary "Quants - The Alchemists of Wall St."

This is the result of a collaboration between Anton Boman and Steffen Knøsgaard.

Colour In Wallpaper

Brand new colour in wallpaper is go go go! 
Available from Burgerplex and other cool places.

Perfect for bedrooms, offices, studios and playrooms. The colour in wallpaper is a fun activity for artisans and obsessive compulsives of all ages. The design of doodle characters across the wallpaper and looks eye catching even when not coloured in. Give in to your inner child and colour in your walls!

Casiokids - En Vill Hest

Casiokids - En Vill Hest from Kristoffer Borgli on Vimeo.

Official music video for Casiokids - En Vill Hest. 

Director: Kristoffer Borgli
Editor: Kristoffer Borgli
Producer: Elle-Beth Lønnestad (Fantefilm)
D.O.P.: Håvard Byrkjeland
Animation: Ole-Magnus Saxegård
Grading: Håvard Albertsen (Hocus Focus)
Creative partner: Richard Eriksen


Echo San

Echo San from tokyoplastic on Vimeo.

LED light spray 'halo' by aissa logerot

'halo' LED light spray by aissa logerot
image courtesy aissa logerot

french designer aissa logerot has developed 'halo' an LED light spray. instead of
spraying paint it has an LED that sprays light. not only can the LED’s brightness
be altered, but the colors are interchangeable. if the light doesn’t have enough battery,
users simply have to shake it to have energy again. source


robo-rainbow from mudlevel on Vimeo.

Can you beat this? I will certainly extremely impressed.

Love the design on Honningbarnas new album - La Alarmane Gå

This is absolutely brilliant

Justice - Civilization (New Single 2011)

I have loved justice since the first time I heard them! I have waited long for this, here is finally a single from the new album!

Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point from Takuya Hosogane on Vimeo.

Nowadays we see advertising everywhere, then it's good to have a movie that does not try to sell me anything.

Inspiration from the king of street art

Graffiti artist Banksy inspires and pushes us all to think a little longer, or slightlyshorter. It is certainly always fun to see an illustration from the artist. check out hiswebsite; www.banksy.co.uk


Starting the blog with a illustration.

I have never seen the point of football, it's a stupid sport for people who are not well developed, and therefore must continue to live like monkeys. But, by all means, dowhat makes you happy!