SOS Fauna: Elevator

Advertising Agency: Media Contacts / Havas Digital, Brazil
Creative: Felipe Cirino
Art Director: Neto Nogawa
Creative Director: Luis R. Constantino
Account Manager: Andre Felix
Planner: André Furtado, Allan Alves
Procution Company: Fulano Filmes
Film Director: João Papa
Producer: Ana Rodrigues
Editor: Flávio Eidi
Photographer: André Dip
Sound designer: Cabaret

7 kommentarer:

  1. that was dumb, what good is it to trap everyday people? and surely its illegal to sabotage an elevator. I would of chucked that card back at the woman passing them out. I'm guessing this is fake, I don't think anybody is allowed to trap children and elderly in an elevator.

  2. i'm not sure the people trapped appreciated the ad.

    it's a good cause but not the kind of execution i would have liked.

  3. hmmmmmm thats pretty mean, what if someone had anxiety issues. I personally thinks thats a complete douche move. im sure there are better ways of promoting animal rights.
    To abolish slavery did people enslave other people to show how bad it is?
    education > this stupid prank shit

  4. Its mean, but this is great advertising, it was just a few seconds. You have to be able to take it..

  5. I suppose the question becomes was it a set-up in order to make the viral ad?

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